Welcome to the i-onCOMMUNITY: Jonathan and Alisha

 In Private Offices & Coworking Space

Introducing Jonathan and Alisha, two of our entrepreneurs here at i-onCONNECT who are utilizing our space to grow their successful businesses. After both were deciding to start up their own companies and realizing they would need a comfortable setting to work, each of them toured the private rooms that we offer and fell in love. As entrepreneurs just embarking on their business journeys, they, of course, wanted to remain budget conscious while benefiting from a collaborative, yet quiet environment.

As a result, Trish Hughes, our Events and Programs Lead, worked to find a solution to the issue. “Here at i-onCONNECT, we do our very best to provide our clients with the best service and make it a priority to respond to their needs. Jonathan and Alisha’s schedules do not overlap often, and I figured that they could share a private room and split the cost.” This idea proposed by Trish would allow them to work independently for most of the day and save half of their money, spending it on other essential business expenses. They were both thrilled with this idea and since then, have become our very first tenant roommates, sharing a private office which they have made their own.









Not only are the two of them sharing an office, but ideas as well. Jonathan is currently designing improvements to diagnostic medical devices for the early detection of coronary artery disease and says, “Having a private space dedicated to work and innovation is often one of the keys to productivity. Sharing your office with like-minded and driven individuals can help push you past obstacles and keep you inspired to work hard.”

Alisha, who has created Paradox Petals, a luxury floral company that creates dimensional arrangements with everlasting roses says, “Sharing an office with Jonathan has been a pleasure. It is so helpful having a like-minded entrepreneur close by to share ideas with and receive constructive feedback.”

Our entire team is so thrilled to have Alisha and Jonathan here. They have officially become a part of the i-onCONNECT Community.

If anyone is interested in sharing a private room with another person, we would be happy to offer this alternative.  Come by anytime to tour the space; we are passionate about helping you find the perfect environment to grow your business and enhance your career.

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