Breaking down the barriers between discovery and commercialization

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We are currently facing the problem of separation between pure research and commercialization opportunities. Solving this issue is essential and beneficial for any country as it creates new companies, jobs and therefore taxes. An investment in bringing industry and research closer together is a significant advantage for everybody involved. Managing potential investors, finding office spaces, and prototyping the new product can be very challenging for entrepreneurs and startups.

To reduce the time spent on creating and researching general market principles, i-onCONNECT (as a for-profit company) can provide the knowledge and experience in the form of mentors and entrepreneurs in residence at our coworking space.

The approach to actively present current industrial problems to researchers at universities, as the GEDI does, is an excellent starting point to redirect the research to areas in which it is currently needed the most. To tackle specific issues and help with prototyping we offer a fully equipped TechLab and Clean Room. We provide engineers to accelerate hardware prototyping for market validation and customer discovery.

With the services, we offer overarching support from prototyping through engineering qualification to commercialization through partnerships with OEMs, suppliers, and distributors globally.

To learn more about this, read Feridun Hamdullahpur’s article, The seeds of commercialization start at the beginning of innovation

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