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Internships are a great way for students to gain real-life experience in the field or industry of their study. At i-onCONNECT, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some exceptional interns.

This month we would like you to meet Naira Mavalli. Naira comes to us from Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been living in the Vancouver area for the past two years and is pursuing a degree in Marketing Management at Douglas College. She is passionate about the communications industry and the expertise this field of study can bring to her life.

Through i-onCONNECT, Naira is learning to develop her skills and experience as an Events, Programs & Facilities Intern. Along with the prospect of meeting a variety of people and to attend events, she is enjoying the opportunity to learn more about how a company works and the challenges it faces. As a Co-op student, she can increase her experience and add to her network of colleagues, while gaining more knowledge about the industry to be better prepared for future opportunities that may come her way.

Naira’s internship with i-onCONNECT will end in May 2019, and during the time she is with us, Naira has many occasions to meet and interact with a lot of people, such as business owners and entrepreneurs while participating in the many events that take place at our facilities, which includes those hosted by i-onCONNECT.

Essential to Naira’s success as an intern is having an amazing coach and mentor. Trish Hughes is just such a person; she has been guiding and directing Naira since her placement began in January this year.

Currently, Naira is working on organizing her own event that will take place here at our facilities. Stay tuned for more information and news about that.

During her free time, Naira enjoys exploring Vancouver and all that it has to offer, as well as visiting new places and exploring our beautiful province. Her favorite place is Grouse Mountain, which has a beautiful view of not just Vancouver but a large portion of the Lower Mainland and Mount Baker just south of the U.S. border.

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