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We are excited to introduce to you one of our newest Interns, Peter Hubka, who started with us last month.

Originally from Slovakia, Peter has been in Canada for five months and is currently attending Tamwood where he is studying Business Innovation.

Even at the tender age of 10, Peter had an entrepreneurial spirit when he would pick up jobs cleaning motorcycles on the street when his hometown held rallies.

Later as he got older that entrepreneurial spirit continued when Peter became an owner of a Real Estate franchise. Later he took on a bigger challenge as a developer of Commercial Real Estate and, more recently, starting over from scratch here in Vancouver. This is how he ended up at Tamwood, a Global Startup School where he can pursue his passion for entrepreneurship.

When Peter has finished his studies, he would like to apply the knowledge gained to real life. He is working on a project that will help change people’s habits by showing them an eco-friendly way to live life every day.

In the meantime, Peter loves to do a variety of outdoor sports such as going into the mountains and engaging in some backcountry and freeride skiing in the winter to hiking and running in the summer. When he vacations, he likes to head to where the surf is and do some surfing. However, in all that he does, he tries to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

While Vancouver may not be a mountain town, but it has the feel of one. The friendliness and welcoming attitude of the residents of Vancouver is why Peter likes Vancouver; not to mention the variety of food available here.

Peter has joined i-onCONNECT because he likes the environment, the friendly colleagues and the passion they demonstrate in helping entrepreneurs and starting new projects.

You can contact Peter here 

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