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You’ve met the Finalists; you’ve met the Judges, but you may still be wondering what is Singularity U and what is this GIC that they are hosting?

Singularity University is a global university that offers programs and events to equip businesses and entrepreneurs with the mindset, tools, and resources to successfully navigate the transformational journey into the future. With their world-class faculty, trailblazing practitioners and a global network of alumni, partners and impact startups, Singularity University has the resources to prepare Global Leaders and Organizations for the future. They do this by exploring the opportunities and implications of exponential technologies and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future and solving the world’s most urgent problems.

One way SingularityU is doing that is by holding the Global Impact Challenge.

Global Impact Challenge (GIC)

The purpose of the 2019 SingularityU Canada Global Impact Challenge is to foster innovations and startups that positively impact the lives of people living in Canada, with an ability to scale and impact a billion people worldwide in 10 years.

What innovation would you develop to solve a global grand challenge (environment, energy, water, food, health, disaster resilience, governance, learning, space, security, prosperity, and shelter) using exponential technology that would impact the lives of a billion people in the next 10 years?

What is the prize?

The winner of this challenge will secure a full scholarship to attend Singularity University’s Global Startup Program (GSP). The GSP helps future-focused entrepreneurs transform radical ideas into tangible impact on a global scale. It’s a structured, immersive program offering startup-focused educational resources and world-class mentorship from SU’s faculty, staff, and industry experts—in a safe, nurturing environment. The program aims to scale startups into global businesses.

The GSP accelerates growth, scales operations for global impact, strengthen tech stacks and connects with a global network of mentors and investors.

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