Coworking In Burnaby : Everything you need to know

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What is a coworking community?

According to Wikipedia, “Coworking is defined … as a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants.”

Coworking spaces bring together a group of diverse individuals, businesses, and startups from a variety of industries to share office space at a fraction of the cost of leasing dedicated space. This type of office space might also appeal to professionals who work from home, independent contractors and scientists, people in the tech industry and those who travel frequently.

There are different types of coworking spaces that address different industries such as professionals (lawyers, consultants, accountants); there are those that cater to people who work from home and need to get away from the things that distract them from working while at home. There are spaces, such as i-onCONNECT, that cater to individuals, startups and small businesses in the tech industry who also need the use of a dry tech lab or clean room.

Each coworking space has a community feel to it where there is a social, collaborative and informal atmosphere. Some offer additional services such as an address and mail collection, receiving packages, a receptionist, or an assistant who can help take care of the administrative tasks that some people don’t have the time or experience to handle themselves.

What is involved with working in a coworking community?

Most coworking spaces have a variety of ‘desks’ you can rent from private offices to a common area space for drop-in members. If you rent a private office, you will be able to close the door and work in relative quiet and, in most cases, have a window to experience natural lighting. However, if you prefer a more social setting, meeting new people and working in a collaborative environment then a more open coworking space might work for you. In this fast-paced, energetic setting you’ll be able to network, learn and collaborate with your fellow coworkers. And for those times where you need a little more privacy for a meeting, there are meeting rooms available for your convenience.

In addition, working in a coworking space, the reception, kitchen, and washrooms are shared, which offers everyone the ability to pitch in and take pride in the space. Don’t forget, your clients see where you work.

Benefits of a Shared Coworking Space

There are so many great things about a shared coworking space. As was mentioned, there are lots of opportunities to network and to share resources with other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Having flexible hours, and a dedicated space where you can focus and be productive with no distracting thoughts about doing the laundry or weeding the garden because you’re working from home. Prices for shared coworking spaces are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The biggest advantage to a shared coworking space is that you have a professional office space that says you are serious about your business and invites positive optics about the type of businessperson you are.

10 Benefits of having a Shared Coworking Space

  1. Work close to other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople
  2. Attend events put on by the company running the coworking space
  3. Opportunity to network at those events and with community members
  4. Gives your business a more professional look and feel
  5. Expand your business without having to change your address
  6. Hours are flexible
  7. Dedicated space to improve productivity
  8. No cost for the use of the kitchen, bathrooms and common area.
  9. Coworking space newsletter to keep up to date on events and activities
  10. Additional services available for when you need them
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