The 5 Benefits of working in a Co-Working Space!

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Co-working spaces are unique in the fact that they create a community of different people and interests, but who all share one common goal- they want to be successful in what they are working on and pursuing! Here are our top 5 reasons why co-working spaces are the best!

1. People who use co-working spaces see their work as meaningful!

  • Co-working spaces consist of people who work from a range of different companies, projects and ventures
  • Working around people who are doing all different kinds of work can make ones own work identity stronger
  • A co-working space has a culture where it is normal to help a fellow co-worker out and provide feedback among one another
  • Co-working spaces promote community, collaboration, learning and sustainability

2. Co-working spaces provide more job control and flexibility! 

  • Most spaces have a variety of options on membership / space
  • Most spaces have very flexible hours
  • Terms can go from several hours to several years

3. There is a structure within a co-working community! 

  • There is accountability and commitment – you pay for a space and while you’re there, you’re likely to be more productive
  • While there is no commitment in leases and overhead costs, paying for a coworking space gets people out of the house and gives them the structure that comes from working in an office environment without the drawbacks of working for someone else.
  • Motivation from being surrounded by like-minded hardworking innovators and professionals

4. Co-working spaces are cost effective! 

  • Usually in desirable locations and stylishly designed for functionality without you paying overhead costs
  • No maintenance or repair fees. Space, amenities, etc…all rolled into one fee as opposed to paying for utilities, service providers, cleaning, printer contracts etc.
  • Non-binding
  • No capital investment

5. You feel like a part of a fun community working in a co-working space!

  • Coworking spaces all have one thing in common…the sense of community
  • We are lacking this community in a technological age and face to face/human interaction promotes productivity and creativity
  • Connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space, as opposed to working from home for free or renting a nondescript office
  • Each co-working space has its own vibe, and the managers of each space go to great lengths to cultivate a unique experience that meets the needs of their respective members

Don’t just take our word for it! Come check out i-onCONNECT’s co-working space and learn about even more fun opportunities and benefits of working in a co-working space! Connect with the i-onCONNECT community today!

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