Intern of The Month – Peter Hubka

We are excited to introduce to you one of our newest Interns, Peter Hubka, who started with us last month. Originally from Slovakia, Peter has been in Canada for five months and is currently attending Tamwood where he is studying Business Innovation. Even at the tender age of 10, Peter had an entrepreneurial spirit when […]


Let’s Talk Product Development

One of the challenges entrepreneurs face is converting ideas for new products into actual commodities, that achieve commercial success. Even researching other great businesses usually does not help as their product development process was not straight forward. A lot of companies experience a lot of trial and error until they discover that ‘ah-ha’ moment. However, not all businesses have this luxury, especially in the 21st century where a product can make or break an organization. The right product at the right time brings success. The right product at the wrong time will result in product failure. The wrong product at the right time, that can kill a business. This makes it valuable to have a product development process, as part of your business system. Such a process allows you to have perfect product-market fit. It helps prepare you for each stage of development of the product


Pitch Night

One of i-onCONNECT's most successful events is Pitch Night, co-hosted with VANTEC. On January 23, we held our first for 2019, and the turn-out was fantastic. At Pitch Night, businesses do a practice pitch to a panel of three, supportive, seasoned professionals. The winners become eligible to present in front of angel investors.

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