i-onCONNECT introduces Vancouver Business Network

At this time, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Vancouver Business Network (VBN) Meetup, which will be hosted by Roger Killen every Tuesday here at i-onCONNECT, starting August 6, 2019. We believe this partnership is going to help businesses engage with each other. All our stakeholders with an entrepreneurial mindset are invited to attend the next VBN meetup this coming Tuesday.


Coworking In Burnaby : Everything you need to know

Coworking spaces bring together a group of diverse individuals, businesses, and startups from a variety of industries to share office space at a fraction of the cost of leasing dedicated space. This type of office space might also appeal to professionals who work from home, independent contractors and scientists, people in the tech industry and those who travel frequently.


Intern Of The Month – Kevin Masundire

i-onCONNECT has been hiring interns for over a year now and each month we feature an intern that has worked with us. By tapping into the wealth of talent out there, we can meet our needs and assist interns to gain real-life work experience in the area of their studies. This month we are featuring Kevin Masundire


SingularityU’s Global Impact Challenge (GIC)

SingularityU’s Global Impact Challenge (GIC) Live Pitch event was a huge success here at i-onCONNECT. There was a variety of topics from accessibility to whole body health. The finalists, Shelena Marsh Open World Access, Bo Simango Holocene, Dan McCann Kodisoft, Geoffrey Ching Augos, and Francis Vala H.E.A.T Academy, all had very unique presentations and approaches to solving some of the challenges that, not just Canadians, but the global community faces.


The day has arrived for the 2019 SingularityU Canada GIC Live Pitch Event

The day has arrived! Come cheer on the five finalists of SingularityU's GIC as they pitch their big ideas live at i-onCONNECT in beautiful Burnaby, BC. i-onCONNECT links innovation to industry and they are thrilled to be hosting this exciting and prestigious event at their facilities located in Burnaby, BC at One Innovation Place, 2700 Production Way with ReMAP, your network of partners from across Canada who assist with product-enablement.


Meet the Judges To This Year’s Global Impact Challenge!!

Meet the judges that will determine the winner of this year's Global Impact Challenge. Five finalists, chosen all the way from Newfoundland to British Columbia, will showcase their BIG idea to improve the lives of 1 million Canadians using exponential technologies. One will be named Canada's next Exponential Leader to represent our country at SingularityU’s transformational Global Startup Program in the fall.


Let’s Talk Product Development

One of the challenges entrepreneurs face is converting ideas for new products into actual commodities, that achieve commercial success. Even researching other great businesses usually does not help as their product development process was not straight forward. A lot of companies experience a lot of trial and error until they discover that ‘ah-ha’ moment.

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