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clean room
photography by Manpreet Sokhi / mansaphotography.ca

Clean Room

We offer a state of the art positive pressure clean room for your manufacturing or scientific research. Our clean room is 12 x 12 SQF and ISO 7, Class 10,000. As well, comes equipped with two tech lab benches for your working needs.

A cleanroom is required for high tech manufacturing and sensitive measurements. Access to cleanrooms can be difficult as clean room facilities in Universities are in high demand. The i-onCONNECT cleanroom is easy to book and access in Burnaby production area. It is specifically designed to house sensitive measurement setups. An excellent example of such is a particle sensor test. This test requires a clean room with a controlled stream of particles exciting the sensor. Our cleantech full body cover guarantees that no particle or dirt comes off user body can affect the background noise of particle measurement.

Another example of cleanroom usage is an optical measurement of scattered light. Because scattered light reflected from a surface contains essential information about that surface, having any dust in the light path can disrupt the light amplitude and phase, therefore, it is the best to have the optical setup stationed in a cleanroom.


Our TechLab and Clean Room are located at 8555 Baxter Place and also include 28 cubicles to rent, a kitchen, and meeting room.

Available Benches:

Clean room: 2

Assembly area (within the partitioning walls): 10

Open area: 8

photography by Manpreet Sokhi / mansaphotography.ca


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