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When developing a product or service, the first stage is research. At this stage, you will start analyzing whether your product is technically and commercially sound and if it is worth the investment. i-onCONNECT’s years of experience, industry connections and expertise help you through this stage by conducting studies such as market research and development investments. To make sure your product or business is ready for the next step, i-onCONNECT will thoroughly assess the feasibility of your idea or product to The feasibility stage is critical because the cost of investment in product development increases rapidly, and we work hard to make sure you and your idea are as prepared as possible.


Once you have an idea about the product that you want to make, the first step is research.  Find out if what you want to create already exists.  If it does, that doesn’t mean you have to give up; you need a way to differentiate yourself.  When you’re making a brand new product, you may need to research if your idea is feasible.


With the results of all your research, you need to decide if your idea is worth pursuing.  Is your idea feasible?  Does it rely on crazy future technology that doesn’t exist yet?  Is it too expensive to make?  Again, even if the answer is yes, that doesn’t mean you give up.  You can change your focus and make something similar.  If your product is too expensive to produce, then see what makes it so expensive and try to develop a cheaper method of doing that.


Finally, once you’ve done your research, and know that your product is feasible, it’s time to start designing.  Be creative, make lots of mistakes, go through lots of different designs.  Think of the most complicated way you can make your product, think of the simplest, think of the most expensive, think of the cheapest.  By exploring the limits of your design, you can decide what tradeoffs you are willing to make.  Sometimes you need to make the most expensive version of your product, with tons of bells and whistles, and sometimes you just need a cheap, simple solution.

Once you’re ready with a design, it’s time to build.


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