i-onCONNECT’s product and technology development services cover all aspects of developing innovative products and technology solutions. We help you take your projects all the way from concept to commercialization. Whether you are looking to temporarily strengthen your internal development and design team or seeking a long-term collaboration, we will bring knowledge and value to your projects as a strong development partner.

We work in collaborative partnership with the best Tech-Labs in BC to complement your hardware product development. If you need access to specialty tools, or require a professional opinion to help get your project on track during the crucial development stage, i-onCONNECT is your ideal resource to bring your product development to a commercially viable solution.

We work on a variety of projects, involving both product and technology development.

Product Development

Product development starts with a specific idea that’s assessed through feasibility studies, proceeds through a number of critical steps, and culminates in commercialization. See the Product Development Process below for a breakdown of the steps, which i-onCONNECT can help with, to take your idea from a dream to reality.

Technology Development

Technology development is focused on research and discovering the feasibility of new technology ideas, explored though multiple proof of concepts to create novel intellectual property. We can assist with feasibility studies and R&D. We also help with patent research and applications for patents, to ensure that your ideas get protected.

Product Development Process

i-onCONNECT works with clients on the following:

Step 1: Feasibility & Market Studies

Determine if your idea is feasible based on current technology or technology in development. Do a market study to see if there is a customer base for your product.

Step 2: Research

Conduct research to find out how best to build your product, and what features your product will require.

Step 3: Design & Development

Create plans, drawings, flowcharts, schematics, code, and other design and development components to outline and fulfill your product requirements.

Step 4: Alpha Prototype

Based on the design developed in step 3, build your product and determine if it matches the specifications, and if the results are what were expected.

Step 5: Beta Prototype

After analyzing the results from step 4, make adjustments and upgrades to your product, and prepare it for rigorous testing.

Step 6: Engineering Qualification & Benchmarking

Test your product in the environment where it will be used, paying special attention to compliance with safety standards.

Step 7: Final Product

Based on test results, make final adjustments to the product and prepare for production.

Step 8: New Product Introduction (NPI)

Now that you have a finished product, create all of the documentation required for manufacturing of the product.

Step 9: Commercialization

Select manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and marketers who will enable you to get your product into the market.

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