i-onCONNECT Technologies offers an array of services to innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises who want to develop and commercialize innovative ideas and concepts.

We begin working with clients by conducting a detailed needs assessment to determine the targeted services that they require to address their business needs. Through this process, a mutual understanding is established between i-onCONNECT and our clients.

Our core services include: Feasibility Studies & Research & Development, Product Development & Engineering Qualification, and New Product Introduction & Commercialization. These three key services provide clients with a firm foundation to develop engineering specifications and performance criteria for products, services, and integrated solutions.

Other vital and complementary services include: technology brokerage, incubator/accelerator programs, investor readiness assessment and support, and value-added services such as IT support and accounting. These services enable our clients to build and operate sustainable and viable businesses.

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Feasibility Studies & Research & Development

Product Development & Engineering Qualification


New Product Introduction & Commercialization


Technology Brokerage Services


Incubator Services


Investor Readiness Assessment & Support

Value Added Services
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