Investor Readiness Assessment & Support

You’re a start-up or more established company with an innovative idea that you’re developing, and after months of work, you feel ready to pursue investors. But are you really ready? Before seeking investors, you need to anticipate and prepare for the hard questions potential backers will ask you in their rigorous due diligence processes. This is where i-onCONNECT comes in. We assist companies searching for capital investment in a range of ventures – including public and private companies, project and product-based initiatives, and strategic partnerships and collaborations in any market or industry – by providing highly developed and professional assessment and support services.

The first component of our Investor Readiness Assessment and Support Services is conducting a thorough assessment of your investor readiness. Then we will work with you in systematically developing a portfolio of critical guiding documents. These are fundamental documents that many new businesses fail to prepare, which contributes to their business failure. The portfolio will substantially build your depth of understanding about the core elements of your business, and enable you to articulate in different ways what those elements are. Ultimately, you will be able to use the portfolio as a convincing sales pitch. The end result will be positioning you and your business to meet the requirements of investors who are looking for viable businesses to invest in.

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