Product Development & Engineering Qualification

i-onCONNECT believes that there are no shortcuts in developing products for the global marketplace. If, however, you rigorously follow a strategic process, it’s possible to accelerate development and engineering qualification of products. We do exactly that through our core services: managing product development and engineering qualification. Our extensive lab space supports all of this vital work.

Product Development

We work with our clients in developing, testing, and modifying prototypes of their products. A prototype is a model of a product that’s built to test the concept behind it or to act as a sample to be replicated or learned from. Prototyping provides specifications for a real, working version of the product rather than a theoretical one. There are two prototyping stages:

Alpha Prototypes

Alpha prototypes are the first testable models of a potential product. The company developing the product usually tests alpha prototypes, but the company may also send samples to potential customers for testing. At the alpha stage, the prototype can have substantial flaws, missing functions, and incomplete documentation. Alpha testing can go through many iterations, and as flaws are fixed and functionality is enhanced based on test results, features may be added to or subtracted from prototype versions.

Beta Prototypes

Once the alpha prototype is functional and closely resembles the envisioned product, it moves to beta testing. Beta prototypes are much closer to the final product than alpha prototypes. They have all the functions in place that are expected for the final version, with fewer flaws than in the alpha stage. Documentation for the product is close to complete, and the prototype is usually ready to operate in a real-world environment without any assistance. In most cases, prospective customers test beta prototypes.

Engineering Qualification

Engineering qualification and benchmarking involve testing a product (or component of a product) according to a standard set of tests. Benchmarking is used to compare several products against the technical criteria that are being tested. Particularly for high-tech products, it’s vital to design and engineer products that match precise user expectations, by applying the best technologies available. Engineering qualification and benchmarking, both of which i-onCONNECT deliver, test whether that design and engineering hold up.

We use best-in-class project management tools to manage and deliver product development and engineering qualification. The tools include:

  • Project Charters
  • Project Scope Statements
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Gantt Charts
  • Project Status Reports

TechLab Space

Among BC-based organizations supporting innovative new ventures, i-onCONNECT is unique in offering our clients the opportunity to lease up 10,000 square feet in TechLab space. The space will be available in fall 2017 at the i-onCONNECT offices in Burnaby, BC, just minutes from Simon Fraser University, and within walking distance from the Production Way SkyTrain station and bus stops.

The TechLab space, ideal for product development and engineering qualification work, includes the following:

  • Prototype lab
  • Cleanroom
  • General development TechLab

i-onCONNECT will also have up to 26,000 square feet of office and co-working space available for leasing.

For more information, see Office & TechLab Space.

Contact i-onCONNECT to inquire about leasing space, short and long-term.

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